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Greek Chicken Spaghetti

One of my favorite salads of all time is the Greek salad. I’m a big fan because my version doesn’t have lettuce… of any kind. It has heirloom tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers and lots and lots of feta cheese. I then top the whole thing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It’s a delicious summer lunch, especially when packed inside a piece of pita bread. I can’t get enough of this salad and it’s definitely healthier than a deli sandwich.

I didn’t think anything could top my Greek salad until Sunset Magazine suggested turning that salad into a pasta dish. It still had all the things I love about the salad, but now it was on top of spaghetti. I’d never thought about turning my salad into a dinner dish. I’d always been satisfied eating it for lunch. But thanks to Sunset,  I now have a dinner that’s just as easy as my favorite lunch recipe.

If you’re a big fan of Greek salad, give this pasta version I made for She Knows a try. Who knows maybe it’ll become one of your favorite dinner dishes too.

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