kitchycookerI’ve been cooking since I could hold a wooden spoon and help my mom lick the bowl.  I’ve always loved cooking, whether it was baking something sweet or simmering something savory.

And you can absolutely be good at both.  While I love the perfect fudgey brownie, there’s absolutely nothing better than a hot bowl of chili with shredded cheddar cheese on a cold, rainy night.
While I often cook for myself, I love to cook for others. This hobby started in elementary school, continued through college, into the dating world and finally marriage.  Thankfully the man I wed was as much into entertaining as I was. We have people over all the time, whether it be a casual dinner with a few friends or a big blowout for holidays.
What’s with the title? I’m a huge fan of the 40’s and 50’s, and the 50’s were big on kitch. Although I’ll rarely create a dish from that time, my cocktails are always classics. Yes, there are plenty of ways to make an Appletini or Basil Lemondrop, but sometimes I just prefer a Martini or Old Fashioned. Those classic drinks combined with the fact that I adore the fashions from that time (I even have a vintage apron that I wear to cook in) is how I came up with the name.
So, please look around, try a dish or a cocktail (or two) and most of all, whether you create a masterpiece or a mess, have fun.  I always do.