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Royal Purple Cooler

New Year’s Eve is Sunday and there’s nothing more I love than a good party. It doesn’t matter if I’m going out or staying in, as long as there’s good music and great friends, I’m happy. But music and friends…

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Desserts, Holiday Recipes

Quince Cranberry Crumble

November means turning the clocks back, red and orange leaves, cool breezes and the occasional rain storm. It also means turkey with all the trimmings, green beans and pumpkin pie. There’s just one problem… I don’t like pumpkin pie. I’m…

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Side Dishes

Corn Muffin Casserole

It may be in the triple digits here in sunny Southern California but everywhere else in the country the temperatures range from the low-50’s to the mid-70’s. Cooler weather means it’s time to pull out those heavy pots and casserole…

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Raspberry Rhubarb Muffins

If there are two fruits I look forward to all year it’s rhubarb and raspberries. While it’s true that you can get raspberries year-round, they’re at their freshest during the summer months. That’s when they’re sweetest and perfect for fruit…

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Boursin-Stuffed Kumquats

Now that we’re getting into spring and summer, that means more time outside. And more time outside means more picnics and family barbecues. But then we come to the question about what to serve for those events. Fried chicken is…

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Citrus Raspberry Trifle

We’re right in the middle of two of my favorite seasons: citrus and Girl Scout Cookie. Okay, I know Girl Scout Cookies aren’t necessarily a season, but they’re around for at least a month (and still available until March 12th)…

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Baked Blueberry Brie

Here’s the thing about the holidays, it seems from Thanksgiving to New Year’s every single weekend is booked. Between office parties and shopping and friendly get togethers, I never feel like I have enough time to do anything, including cook….

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