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Cherry Lime Macaroons

Passover is on Monday and if there’s one thing I always have trouble with when planning the menu, it’s what to make for dessert. See, you’re not supposed to have any wheat, oats, rye or barley. That means most flours…

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Entrees, Holiday Recipes

Marbella Chicken

Every year Passover comes around I’m always struggling to figure out what to make for the seder. I mean, we can’t have pork. No, I don’t keep kosher, but I always try to follow the rules during the holidays; no…

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Breakfast, Holiday Recipes

Mango Matzoh Brei

The first night of Passover is Friday. That means as of sundown no more leavened bread for eight days. So, no bread, no pancakes, no french toast, no crackers, no cereal… you get the picture. While I can make do…

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Appetizers, Holiday Recipes

Greek Deviled Eggs

When I was growing up, every year for Passover, we’d go to my cousin’s house for the seder. I always loved the seder because it was similar to Thanksgiving in that it was all about the family getting together around…

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Spiced Lamb Kabobs

I know the standard choice for Easter is usually a leg of lamb or ham but I thought I’d spice things up this year (no pun intended) and give you some kabobs. I know kabobs aren’t as formal as a…

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Entrees, Holiday Recipes

Matzah-Crusted Salmon

Breadcrumbs are a staple in my house.  Mainly because my sons are big fans of anything breaded. While chicken tenders are their first choice when it comes to dinner, they’ve also been known to gobble down the occasional fish stick…

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Holiday Recipes

Fig Haroset for Passover

The first night of Passover is Friday and that means a big seder which means a seder plate. If you’ve never seen a seder plate, it’s a large dish that has a space for each of the important aspects of…

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